EFF brands NSFAS chief a ‘glor

NSFAS Administrator Randal Carolissen. Image:Twitter@moviemoodnews

EFF brands NSFAS chief a ‘glorified gangster’ and wants him gone, immediately

The EFF said it will approach the public protector to investigate all reports of misconduct against Randal Carolissen.

EFF brands NSFAS chief a ‘glor

NSFAS Administrator Randal Carolissen. Image:Twitter@moviemoodnews

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) wants National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) administrator Randal Carolissen to resign immediately, branding him a “corrupt thug” who has used the student aid scheme as his personal “cash cow.”

The EFF termed Carolissen a “glorified gangster” who had turned the entity into a “mafia” operation.

“Carolissen has essentially turned the NSFAS into a mafia operation, enriching his friends and close associates, while intimidating staff and subjecting them to a hostile work environment.”

No says Nzimande

Last month, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande said he had heard a lot of complaints about Carolissen, some came from MPs, but defended his under-fire administrator.

“I don’t say people have no right to complain about things they see not going okay, but not so long ago we were so positive about the administrator and his good work, including this portfolio committee. He has actually changed so many things under very difficult circumstances.”

The EFF however, remains unconvinced, and want him out immediately.

“Parliament’s higher education portfolio committee listened to the alarming and gruelling accounts by NSFAS employees of an entity that has been turned into a cash-cow of a self-serving individual.”

The EFF further charges that Carolissen has subjected employees to “frivolous” disciplinary hearings and moved them in order to make place for those close to him.

The red berets says Carolissen’s “cronyism” has also impacted on NSFAS’ procurement processes.

Under pressure Carolissen

Carolissen, who was appointed in 2018 when the bursary disbursing body experienced challenges, has been under pressure after NSFAS withdrew 5000 bursaries from students who misrepresented their financial circumstances.

National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Nehawu) had also called on Nzimande to fire Carolissen for allegedly running the institution to the ground.

He has also come under criticism for the delays in procuring laptops, to enable participation in online studies during the Covid-19.

Nzimande said free higher education had done well under Carolissen, since it was announced in December 2017 to start in January 2018.

“I am not saying that there are no problems. We must not present a sense of hullabaloo. We have done well because it was like an impossible task given to the Department of Higher Education and Training and many of us have said, of course, Dr Carolissen has done well.”

“We must not just because there are new things that we are not happy about and then rubbish all the good work he has done,” Nzimande added.

But the EFF wants his head, saying he is a “crook” who has “crippled” an important development instrument, and wants the public protector to rescue the institution from Carolissen’s “thuggery.”