Image by Reaction Unit SA/Facebook

No dirty feet! KZN shoe salesmen stabbed for refusing fitting

Two Verulam shoe salesmen had no idea that refusing to allow a man with dirty feet to try on sandals would result in them being stabbed.


Image by Reaction Unit SA/Facebook

A KZN hospital has treated two shoe salesmen after they were allegedly stabbed for not allowing a man with dirty feet to try on sandals in a store in Verulam on Saturday 25 September.

Private security guards were got called to the store, and to their surprise found two salesmen bleeding from stab wounds.


The guards were soon told by the store’s staff that the two victims had been stabbed for refusing to allow two customers to try on sandals with dirty feet. The suspect was with another companion who was also involved in the argument that followed later.

“Two clothing store employees were stabbed after they refused to allow a customer to try on sandals due to his feet being dirty,” Durban’s Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) reported on Facebook.

“On arrival, Reaction Officers found two store employees bleeding from their injuries. It was established that they refused to allow two customers to try on sandals due to their feet being dirty and them walking around the store with a packet.


The suspect, obviously not impressed by the salesmen’s assessment of their feet, pulled out a knife to stab the two salesmen at the Durban store.

The suspect and his buddy then fled the scene on foot into the city streets.

“An argument broke out when one of the customers produced an Okapi pocket knife and stabbed the two men. The customers then fled the store on foot.

“A 26-year-old male was injured on his nose while his 23-year-old colleague was stabbed on his hand. The two were transported privately to a medical facility,” Rusa said the post.

Meanwhile, the police remain on the hunt for the suspects.