Durban man impaled

Durban Man who tried to jump over fence, impaled

Paramedics and fire fighters had to rescue the man after his limbs were impaled on a fence he tried to jump over in Durban North on Monday.

Durban man impaled

eThekwini Municipality fire fighters and Netcare 911 paramedics had to rescue a man who was impaled on a palisade fence in Durban North in the early hours of Monday morning. 

Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst said paramedics were called to the scene of the incident at around 2am on Monday morning. 

“Reports indicate that a 43-year-old male had attempted to climb a palisade fence when he fell, impaling himself in the process,” Herbst said.

“When medics arrived at the scene, they found the man hanging upside down with the spikes deeply embedded in his lower limbs. The man had sustained traumatic injuries and was treated on the scene by emergency care practitioners.”

Herbst said that in order to free the man a portion of the fence had to be cut away by a Netcare 911 rescue technician with the assistance of the Ethekwini Fire and Rescue Services.

“Once stabilised, the patient was transported to hospital for further care,” Herbst said.

Marshall Security said in a statement that the security firm’s Emergency Dispatch Centre had received a call for assistance in the early hours of the morning after a man who had been impaled on a fence in Carlisle Crescent in Durban North. 

“The man had attempted to jump over the fence and in the process was impaled by a spike in his leg. Emergency services were on scene, and the Fire Department and Netcare911 worked to cut the fence to free him,” Marshall Security said in a statement.

“Netcare911 paramedics stabilised the man before transporting him to hospital for further medical treatment.”