Joburg water durban deep

Image credit: Facebook/Cora Bailey

Durban Deep residents desperate for drinking water

Members of the community are at their wits’ end.

Joburg water durban deep

Image credit: Facebook/Cora Bailey

Update: Cora Bailey from CLAW confirmed that “water finally arrived.” She also thanked members from the community who assisted:

“We are really grateful for all the calls and tweets to the city. We could not have done it without your help. Gabriel Kallmann thanks for your water delivery. Alf Stationers, you are always there when we need you. Karen Brooks your kindness is so much appreciated. Caleb Finn , Laureen Bertin, THANK YOU.”

Residents are pleading with Johannesburg Water for assistance. Cora Bailey from CLAW first drew attention to the matter when she posted about the water shortage on social media.

“The only JoJo tank with water in all of Durban Deep is now almost empty. If #JHBWATER does not deliver tomorrow we will have a riot on our hands.”

Community members assisted during the water shortage

Netizens have heeded the distress call by reaching out to Johannesburg Water and the Mayor. However, at the time of publishing, no water has been delivered, and the clinic’s tanks are dry. Bailey said on Facebook that it is unacceptable and many people are suffering.

She added: “We will be hard pressed to provide enough water for our own needs tomorrow morning. Dozens of people coming to fill their containers today. And there is obviously no way we can deny them. Let’s hope it was an oversight, because there are NO taps in our village.”

Bailey explained that CLAW has two tanks which are nearly dry, and that other containers in the area are empty. In a live video posted on Facebook, a resident said they have had no water for three days. Children cannot bath to go to school. She added:

“I think the government needs to do something about us at Durban Deep. We are really suffering without water. […] Yes, we know that we don’t have electricity, but at least supply us with water.”

The resident confirmed that they have been without water for three days. They have been relying on water from CLAW’s JoJo tank. Bailey added:

“Please, please, if anyone is listening. We are hoping that the truck arrives today. We’ve got kids not going to school, our tanks here at CLAW are now empty. We have surgery today. […] People here have got no water to drink. Please City of Joburg, help us today. “

We have reached out to Johannesburg Water and await a response.

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