Duduzile Zuma Jabulani Khumalo

MK Party leader Jacob Zuma and his daughter Duduzile. Image: @themankosi

Duduzile Zuma says Khumalo’s actions will not go unchallenged

Duduzile Zuma says the Electoral Court judgement against Jabulani Khumalo vindicates her and the MK Party.

Duduzile Zuma Jabulani Khumalo

MK Party leader Jacob Zuma and his daughter Duduzile. Image: @themankosi

Former President Jacob Zuma’s daughter Duduzile is consulting with the legal team to open a defamation case against expelled MK Party leader Jabulani Khumalo. 

Zuma confirmed this as the Electoral Court dismissed Khumalo’s application to be reinstated as leader of the MK Party, which he founded in 2023.


As previously reported, Jacob Zuma and MK Party founder Jabulani Khumalo faced off at the Electoral Court in Johannesburg over the party’s ownership earlier this month.

Khumalo took Zuma to court over the ownership of the MK Party. He insisted that the letter written to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) on the party’s leadership change was forged. 

Khumalo has accused Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile, of forging the letter and his signature. However, during court proceedings, Zuma’s lawyer, Dali Mpofu, pointed out that Khumalo wrote two letters to the IEC confirming the MK Party’s leadership change.

Duduzile Zuma Jabulani Khumalo
Duduzile Zuma and her father Jacob. Images: X/@DZSambudla

On Wednesday, the Electoral Court said that Khumalo, as an expelled member, did not have standing to seek relief concerning the party’s leadership. 

Judge Lebogang Modiba said the application was frivolous and utterly devoid of merit.

Modiba said the respondents demonstrated that Khumalo perjured himself in his affidavits. 

“The application also constitutes an abuse of this court’s process and a waste of its judicial economy and the opposing respondents’ resources. They have incurred legal costs opposing an application that should not have seen the light of day,” she said.


Following the decision, Zuma said Khumalo’s actions to damage her credibility and that of the MK Party cannot go unchallenged. 

“I intend to pursue all available legal remedies to hold him accountable for his deceitful behaviour and the unwarranted distress it has caused. 

“This case is not only about clearing my name but also about standing up against those who misuse the legal system to further their vindictive ends,” Duduzile said.