Dudu Myeni

Photo:: GCIS

Delinquent witness: Dudu Myeni skips State Capture Inquiry ‘for family event’

Dudu Myeni has just done a Jacob Zuma special! The former SAA executive has bailed on the State Capture Inquiry – and yes, she’s now in A LOT of trouble.

Dudu Myeni

Photo:: GCIS

Dudu Myeni has drawn the ire of State Capture Inquiry officials once more, after she ducked another appearance at the Zondo Commission. Her time in the hot-seat has been characterised by comical, and sometimes lawbreaking mistakes – but this latest episode really takes the biscuit.

Dudu Myeni dodges the State Capture Inquiry

Myeni, previously ruled as a ‘delinquent director’ following her disastrous reign at SAA, showed little regard for the processes of the panel. When informed that she was meant to be in Johannesburg to appear as a witness, she simply explained that today ‘would not be possible’ – as she is driving to a family event in Port Shepstone.

Her legal team have argued that there was confusion caused by a failure to receive proper correspondence from DCJ Raymond Zondo and his colleagues. Addressing the bench sheepishly, Myeni’s lawyer explained:

“The commission has indeed responded to us around 21:00 last Friday, but their attorney had sent the response very late. We only picked up the Commission’s response yesterday at 16:00. We apologise for this occurrence.”

Has a crime been committed?

But this excuse isn’t likely to fly with Mr. Zondo. Dudu Myeni – who previously revealed the identity of a secret witness and refused to answer questions for fear of ‘self-incrimination – has inflamed tempers once again with her behaviour.

What’s more, there is now a legal consensus from the Commission’s advocates that the Zuma ally ‘has now committed a crime’. According to Kate Hofmeyr, there is ‘no justification’ for Dudu Myeni’s absence – and the letter of the law states that anyone who dodges the summons of a state inquiry can be jailed for up to six months. Yikes…