Drunk British people dance aro

Image Credits: Oliver Woods/Facebook

Drunk British people dance around a car blasting out The Vengaboys. Yes, it’s fantastic [video]

They like, they like to party…

Drunk British people dance aro

Image Credits: Oliver Woods/Facebook

The news coming from the U.K in the last few weeks has been utterly soul-destroying, as terrorists claimed the lives of 29 people in Manchester and London.

But did Britain buckle under the threat? Did it hell. They’ve responded in the only way the lairy, lager-loving lot can – with an impromptu street party fuelled by the Vengaboys.

Yes, really. Earlier this week, Twenty-three-year-old Kieran Chapman had the idea to attach some speakers to his Vauxhall, drive it through the middle of Cheltenham, and blast the stone cold classic “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” to the streets of the South-westerly town, after a brief rendition of GALA’S “Freed From Desire”. Using a DJ friend’s equipment, Kieran said it was intended to ‘bring people together’.

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Mission completed young man: What follows is the wonderful type of nonsense you could only get by fusing Europop and boozy Brits together on a Saturday night. Revellers, fleeing from nearby pubs and takeaways, take to the streets for a very public display of Venga-appreciation. Some even climb onto the car to belt out the anthem.


Strap a super loud speaker to the roof of your car = Instant Street Party.
Kieran Chapman Wagon ????

Posted by Oliver Woods on Sunday, 4 June 2017


The video has provided the light-hearted relief Britain was desperate for. Despite the atrocities, folk up and down the country are determined to carry on as normal. These amazing scenes from Cheltenham show how every small town in the UK has a huge heart… And an appetite for 90s classics.