Driverless Ubers are here… thi

Driverless Ubers are here… this is what it’s like to drive one [video]

Freaky or funky?

Driverless Ubers are here… thi

Transportation and ride-sharing giant Uber will roll out its very first self-driving cars to customers in the city of Pittsburgh. Bloomberg’s Max Chafkin traveled to Pittsburgh to get an early look at the new service.

AFP reports:

The introduction of driverless cars challenges the image of what Uber has become: an app-based service of the ‘gig economy’ that gave millions of car owners around the world the chance to make money ferrying passengers without taxicab licences or other permissions. But Uber’s vision suggests a world of taxis on call by app with no drivers at all.

“Self-driving is core to Uber’s mission,” Anthony Levandowski, Uber’s vice president of engineering. That would be far away, Uber officials stress. They still expect over the long time, a mix of cars with and without drivers on the road.