Don’t get caught by a forex sc

Don’t get caught by a forex scam

Forex scams are a dime a dozen on the Internet. Here’s how to sort the reputable money transfer companies from the disreputable.

Don’t get caught by a forex sc

Scammers can resort to more ‘persuasive’ methods to get their point across. Herman Howell of 1st Contact Forex has first-hand experience of a baseball bat-wielding con-artist.

When it comes to money transfer websites, the old maxim should always apply: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If in doubt, you can try the contact number, google the company, or dig deeper to see who owns the website on

There are also many instances of clients scamming legitimate money transfer companies. Herman Howell, 1st Contact Forex Manager, experienced this first-hand.

“I had a money transfer client whose information all checked out and who raised no suspicion until the day the bank called,” Says Howell. “We were told to immediately halt the most recent transfer, without raising suspicion or giving the client any information. It turned out he had a boiler room-type operation and that some of his ‘clients’ had lodged a complaint against him. Eventually the money was returned to his UK account and the complainants were refunded their money, but not after he promised to show up at our offices with a baseball bat to ‘meet and greet’ me.”

“We have also had instances of clients pretending to be someone else,” continues Howell. “We receive passport copies and utility bill copies — complete with ‘copy of the original’ stamps. On one such occasion we noticed that many of the copies were signed and checked by the same bank. When we contacted them, they confirmed our worst suspicion: someone had stolen the bank’s stamp and was using it to ‘certify’ passport copies and the like.”

To ensure you’re not a victim of a scam — or even unscrupulous over-charging — always use a money transfer company that is established, has favourable online reviews and is 100% transparent in their fees, their compliance policies, and the exchange rate they offer.

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By Keith van der Linde

 Image by Ahmad Hashim via Photopin