Bathabile Dlamini NEC

Dlamini’s spokesperson loses it after claims the minister was drunk at official event

Oyster Box minister Bathabile Dlamini’s — who also happens to be leader of the ANC Women’s League and minister of social development — spokesperson took to Facebook with a few pretty crude words for the controversial minister’s detractors.

Bathabile Dlamini NEC

So, last week a few unconfirmed reports surfaced that minister of social development and ANC Women’s League leader — for what that’s worth — Bathabile Dlamini had klapped the dop before speaking at an official event — something she’s been accused of in the past –.

While this is by no means the biggest controversy oll’ Dlamini’s had to face, it sure would be embarrassing if true.

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Those present claimed she made very little sense and went completely off topic during her speech, but the ANC women’s league believes there’s a campaign targeting the minister; and her spokesperson Lumka Oliphant, instead of releasing an official statement, took to Facebook — always a great idea — to defend her boss in the most… ahem, colourful way she could.

Now, while it’s every South African’s right to express their opinion — within the confines of the law — online, when you represent a very senior member of government and the ANC, you really should check yourself. Needless to say, folks weren’t all that impressed with Oliphant’s crude and unprofessional language.

Last year Dlamini made headlines when, in her capacity as the custodian of South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens, she said the average person can live off just R753 a month and was then caught splashing out R11 000 a night at Umhlanga’s swanky Oyster Box Hotel.

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Not too long after that, details about her departments’s criminal spending started surfacing, and at one point there were even suggestions by the DA that she had been handing out tenders to some of her buddies for contracts with her department.

Drunk or not, it doesn’t look like Dlamini’s scandals are going away anytime soon.