graves copper

The damaged graves by thieves in North West. Photo: Fally’s News Corner and Online TV (Facevook).

DISTURBING: Thieves targeting graves for copper

Thieves are said to be vandalising graves in the North West province in a quest to find copper and other metallic objects

graves copper

The damaged graves by thieves in North West. Photo: Fally’s News Corner and Online TV (Facevook).

Disturbing images have emerged of dilapidated graves that have been vandalised for copper.

Fally’s News Corner and Online TV posted images depicting graves in horrific conditions after being targeted.


The caption read:
In North West Province, thieves are now targeting graves. Criminals remove copper crucifixes and other metallic objects and take them to metal scrap yards in exchange for money.

It is unclear as to which part of the province has become a victim of this wicked crime.

Also, it seems like interfering with the dead is becoming a common practice.

On 15 July, the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) arrested three people for digging up graves.


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Among the nabbed was a Sangoma. The TMPD officers were notified by a night shift guard at the graveyard about this act.

“The officers responded swiftly and rushed to the graveyard. Upon arrival, they found three people inside the grave busy digging. When the three suspects were questioned, they could not account for what they were doing and where they got the permission to dig up the graves,” TMPD reported.

TMPD reported that they were allegedly looking for dead people’s bones for muti purposes.
The suspects tried to offer a bribe of R1 500 but weren’t successful.

“They were then arrested for violation of graveyard regulations, malicious damage to property and bribery,” said TMPD.


The police also arrested three men for possession of copper cables belonging to Transnet in KZN.

The recovered goods weighed 614.5kg together with 18 cellphone tower batteries, according to the police.

The total value of the recovered property is estimated at R1 million.