Dissolve parliament and call f

Dissolve parliament and call for early general elections; Malema

Malema’s on a roll! First, he gets his degree and now he’s calling for early General Elections and breaking up parly… well he sure is confident and confidence is key.

Dissolve parliament and call f

That’s right folks, he’s calling for general elections, not local government elections. The big one, the one that decides who gets to govern SA.

Malema was speaking to the media after the ConCourt ruled that Zuma must pay back a portion of the taxpayer’s money that he spent upgrading his private residence at Nkandla.

“That parliament, we don’t trust it. That parliament was supposed to be dissolved now. It has permanently violated the Constitution,” Malema said.

“We must call for an election. That parliament has failed our people. The executive and parliament have failed. Why must we continue with failed institutions?”

Malema added that should Zuma not step down, the EFF would also seek to impeach him…. a move that could see the EFF and DA work together, as the DA has already made it clear that they will start impeachment proceedings soon.

“How can you violate the Constitution and think you can be entrusted with the responsibility to protect the constitution? We must all live by the Constitution. I doubt Zuma has even read this book. He has no capacity.”

The EFF leader called on ordinary South Africans to take to the streets and remove Zuma, if the ANC doesn’t do it. He added that the DA was complicit parliament’s corruption, as it chose to engage in the National Assembly; whereas the EFF refuses to.

That said, SA’s favourite shit-stirrer did say that the fight against Zuma was a cross-racial and cross-cultural one.

“All political parties must come together in defence of the Constitution. We don’t care who organises or leads that march. You have our 100% support to march for the removal of Zuma.”