Photo: @SonriNaidoo / TW

Diepsloot residents’ ultimatum to foreigners: ‘Behave or leave SA’ [video]

Disgruntled residents took to the streets and targeted informal businesses owned by foreign nationals.


Photo: @SonriNaidoo / TW

Diepsloot has been the picture of unrest since the death of a revered police officer, allegedly at the hands of a foreign national.

While the community was struck by the untimely death of a 13-year-old pupil who, on Thursday afternoon, run over by a bus, a stand-off between locals and foreign nationals escalated into a full-blown confrontation.

Diepsloot residents issue stern warning to foreign nationals

As reported by The Star, Captain Oupa Matjie was killed in a confrontation with a robbery suspect last weekend. Diepsloot residents pinned the officer’s death on a foreign national.

Things remained tense for the most part of this week and on Thursday evening, Diepsloot erupted into violence. Disgruntled residents took to the streets and targeted informal businesses owned by foreign nationals.

Speaking with reporters on the ground, residents claimed they were tired of nursing the alleged. criminal behaviours of foreign nationals.

Community leader, Mogomotsi Morake, added that the Diepsloot was no longer in the business of preventing mob justice. He reiterated the fact that the death of officer Matjie was “a major wake-up call to fight crime.”

“Two weeks ago, they were involved in shoplifting. The community wanted to stone them to death but we spoke to the shop owners and reached a common ground now they are doing this; acting like animals. They shot a police officer who always responded to our calls. This is our community and we will protect our servants as much as they protect us,” he exclaimed.

Things got heated in the Johannesburg township, and in the looting that took place, reports suggest that one person was shot.

Latest updates on Matjie’s murder investigation

There are five suspects linked to the death of officer Matjie, two of which were placed under arrest on the scene. The one suspect made a brief appearance at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court, while the other is still being treated for his wounds, in police custody.

The three other suspects were arrested earlier in the week and are expected to make their court appearance in the days to come.