Decuplets gauteng tembisa government

Photo: Unsplash

Gauteng decuplets: Government unable to locate ‘Tembisa Ten’

This story is just getting more bizarre by the minute: GCIS Director-General Phumla Williams is in a flap, as the government ‘labours’ to find the decuplets.

Decuplets gauteng tembisa government

Photo: Unsplash

The South African Government is caught up in a game of cat and mouse, involving a major media publication and a set of decuplets. National structures of the ANC have admitted they cannot locate the Tembisa woman who allegedly gave birth to TEN babies this week – despite journalists and regional mayors apparently beating them to the punch.

Decuplets ‘cannot be found’ by government

We are still in the midst of an agonising wait to confirm if Gosiame Sithole really did deliver decuplets this week. According to both Piet Rampedi (IOL journalist) and Mzwandile Masina (Ekurhuleni Mayor), the world record for most births in one go HAS officially been broken. Yet the government still remains flummoxed by these claims.

“Government has noted media reports and social media posts alleging that a South African woman has given birth to 10 babies and reportedly broken the world record. The posts attribute the birth of the babies to Gosiame Sithole from Gauteng. Government Communciation and Information (GCIS) Director-General Phumla Williams is trying to verify.”

Where are the Tembisa Ten?

It’s quite possible that a myriad of cultural and traditional values are preventing the parents from going public with their ten bundles of joy. This would be the first-ever recorded case of human decuplets – just one month after a woman from Mali delivered nine babies, and became a mother to nonuplets. Everyone’s learning some new words, here…

Phumla Williams, a senior figure for the GCIS, has come in for criticism for her online activity. In trying to hunt down the Tembisa Ten, she may have made a rod for her own back. Indeed, there’s plenty of legs left in this story…

“The government has been unable to verify the authenticity of this birth at its facilities. We need to verify this story and provide assistance where needed” | Phumla Williams, GCIS Director-General