Natasha Mazzone Eskom Public pensions

Natasha Mazzone MP – DA Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council

Democratic Alliance responds to de Lille judgement, likens her to Jacob Zuma

The High Court victory for embattled mayor Patricia de Lille has the Democratic Alliance fuming

Natasha Mazzone Eskom Public pensions

Natasha Mazzone MP – DA Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council

In a press release delivered immediately following Patricia de Lille’s High Court victory, DA Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council, Natasha Mazzone, has likened the Cape Town mayor to Jacob Zuma.

The DA had harsh words for de Lille, in an on-going battle which shows no signs of abating anytime time soon. The press release has accused de Lille of being dishonourable and betraying the people of Cape Town through mismanagement and dereliction of duty.

The DA in a very public and messy battle with one of its mayors

But the statement set to sting the most is one in which de Lille is compared to Zuma, with regards to her using public money to defend herself against the DA.

Mazzone wrote in her press release:

“She [de Lille] has – in true Jacob Zuma style- sought to use public money to defend a matter which is between her and her political party.”

The statement is one more DA haymaker sure to hurt de Lille in the area she defends most vehemently – her reputation.

De Lille has repeatedly said she is solely focused on clearing her name and protecting her reputation, saying to IOL earlier this year:

“All that I was asking for was a fair chance to clear my name from the aspersions which were cast on my character.”

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The battle-hardened Cape Town mayor won’t go quietly, proven by her recent court success. A success which has left the DA’s federal executive committee reeling, after they dragged de Lille to court for violating the DA’s constitutional mandate in April.

The political game of chess continues to unfold in public, with neither side willing to back down. Outside court, de Lille told News24 reporters:

“This is not the end – I will continue to fight for fairness and justice…”

Democratic Alliance versus de Lille: Who will win the fight?

All the while the Democratic Alliance’s reputation in the Western Cape is cast into the shadows, with de Lille supporters defending her innocence, and her detractors siding with the political party.

Mazzone ended her statement, saying:

“We will not be deterred.
We will seek to move a motion of no confidence against Patricia De Lille.

We committed to running a government that is clean, efficient and delivers for all. Not even Patricia De Lille is above that commitment.”