Herman Mashaba

DA’s Mashaba puts an end to ‘jobs for friends’ in Joburg with new skills audit

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba has launched an audit of all city employees, effectively shining a light on anyone who’s been appointed under dodgy circumstances.

Herman Mashaba

The DA’s three new metros – Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay – have been doing overtime in trying to get a handle on the financial and service status of the cities they now govern, and in the process kicked a few hornet nests… with little signs of slowing.

Mashaba sent a clear message to anyone who got their job at the City of Johannesburg from a friend or family member, saying the days of patronage is coming to an end and announcing his skills audit, which will start on October 6.

The skills audit formed past of one of Mashaba’s election punts, that he would make sure the city employed the right people for the right job; and the audit will be conducted by an independent organisation to eliminate any potential accusations of politicking.

“The days of patronage and using city posts to reward friends and family are over in the City of Johannesburg. It is now the time to build a city that our residents can be proud of,” Mashaba said.

Mashaba’s been quite vocal about the ANC council who used to run the City of Johannesburg before this year’s elections, accusing the former government of widespread corruption and nepotism, putting themselves before the people; and his audit has renewed concerns of major retrenchments in the Joburg city council.

“Hear me and hear me well, there will be no slaps on the wrists, there will be no quiet departures or golden handshakes.”

“Those found guilty of corruption and fraud will go directly to jail,” Mashaba said.