Daily Covid-19 reporting and statistics will come to an end from 1 Augusut 2022. PHOTO: Department of Health

Daily reports on Covid-19 infections and deaths come to an END

The Health Department felt it was justifiable to allow members of the reporting structures of Covid-19 to return to their permanent jobs.


Daily Covid-19 reporting and statistics will come to an end from 1 Augusut 2022. PHOTO: Department of Health

The daily reports on the latest Covid-19 infections and deaths will come to an end as of Monday.

This is because of the reduced number of infections and transmissibility of the virus, said the Department of Health.


The decision to end daily Covid-19 statistics is made by the Health Department as well as the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), which is a division of the National Health Laboratory Service

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The three stakeholders have been hard at work since 2020 in collecting Covid-19 surveillance data on a daily basis. This was to keep the South African public abreast with regards to the pandemic situation, said health spokesperson Foster Mohale.

“However, due to the reduced severity and transmissibility of the disease at the current moment, coupled with declining COVID-19 case numbers, the department together with the NICD has reassessed the existing reporting structures.”

Foster Mohale

“[It was] agreed that it is justifiable to allow the majority of members of the reporting structures to return to their permanent jobs on a full-time basis.”

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While daily reporting ends, the public is still encouraged to get the Covid-19 vaccine. PHOTO: Flickr


This decision does not mean the pandemic is over, said Mohale. Instead, Covid-19 surveillance data will be issues on a weekly basis as the statistics will continue to be closely monitored.

“Thus, until such time that the World Health Organisation announce that the pandemic is over, we urge people to vaccinate and continue to do everything possible to keep themselves safe against current and future variants and concern,” said Mohale.

The NICD agree and supports the decision, stating that the pandemic no longer requires daily Covid-19 updates.

Disease trends and weekly surveillance data is largely to inform health policies.

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“Therefore, the NICD remains committed to its surveillance activities and will continue reporting COVID-19 surveillance data as per normal, with the data being published in the existing weekly surveillance reports.”

The department thanks all individuals, teams and stakeholders who sacrificed to keep the public up to date with crucial information.

“[This crucial information was] required to enable people and organisations to make informed health and safety decisions,” said Mohale.