illegal mining

DA petition seeks to collapse illegal mining in Mogale City. Photo: DA

DA starts petition to stop illegal mining by Zama-Zamas

With over 3000 supporters so far, the DA has started an online petition that seeks intervention to collapse illegal mining on the West Rand

illegal mining

DA petition seeks to collapse illegal mining in Mogale City. Photo: DA

The Democratic Alliance has started a petition to collapse illegal mining by the notorious Zama-Zama gang.


The petition follows the alleged barbaric gang rape of eight girls by the Zamas-Zamas in Krugersdorp, West Village on Thursday, 28 July.

The rape of the eight models surfaced on Friday, 29 July, after it was reported that Basotho nationals intimated the girls during a music video shoot and raped them repeatedly.

The same day, the Gauteng Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Elias Mawela led a multi-disciplinary team of law enforcement agencies and security companies during which 65 suspects were arrested.

In the process, two suspects were killed for pointing a gun at the officers.

Zama-Zamas given a taste of their own medicine. Photo: SAPS

However, arrests are not enough as the DA seeks to collapse the entire illegal mining operation.

The DA proposed:
Sign this petition for the national and provincial government to urgently intervene to prevent a complete collapse of service delivery due to illegal mining in Mogale City.


According to the DA, Mogale City was established as a mining town and is now suffering devastation caused by illicit activities, such as illegal mining, by Zama-Zama’s in the entire area.

“This is a massive problem as the damage to infrastructure causes sinkholes to collapse roads, such as Windsor Road, and places the lives of residents at risk.
“This brazen attack on people’s lives, water infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, as well as roads is an outright declaration of war on the people of Mogale City, in particular, but the West-Rand in general!”


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The DA says national and provincial government must urgently intervene:

• All three spheres of government must establish a committee to coordinate action plans to address this matter as an urgent need.

• State-owned enterprises, such as Rand-water, must protect their infrastructure.

• A commission of inquiry is needed to establish where the profits are being made along this illegal mining value chain.

“A disaster zone declaration is imminent,” said the opposition.

The DA concluded by urging the citizens to sign the petition for urgent intervention.