Jacob Zuma Tax

Photo: Gallo Images/Volksblad/Mlungisi Louw

‘Patently unlawful’: DA to have Zuma’s medical parole decision reviewed

The Democratic Alliance (DA) wants to make 100% sure that all the correct processes were followed in Jacob Zuma obtaining medical parole.

Jacob Zuma Tax

Photo: Gallo Images/Volksblad/Mlungisi Louw

The Democratic Alliance (DA) will be taking legal steps to have the decision to grant former president Jacob Zuma medical parole, reviewed. Why you ask? The blue party thinks it’s patently unlawful and they’re not the only ones…

Democratic Alliance (DA) Leader John Steenhuisen said the party will, by way of a court application, seek the record of decision that led to the granting of the parole.  

The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) announced on Sunday 5 September that Zuma would be released from prison on the grounds of medical parole. This came after mere weeks behind bars. Zuma was supposed to serve a 15-month jail sentence after a ConCourt ruling at the end of June but not everything happens as it should. 


Steenhuisen said that if the National Commissioner of Correctional Services, Arthur Fraser, used his discretion to override the decision of a review panel, there is a specific process he would have had to follow.

“This process includes obtaining a full medical report by independent doctors over and above Jacob Zuma’s own doctors. Such a report would need to be presented to the parole board and the relevant doctors, and only then can the Commissioner use his discretion to override the decision,” he said. 

“Our review will seek to determine whether these steps took place and in the correct order. It is crucial that this process is not manipulated for personal or political gain, particularly following the debacle twelve years ago when Schabir Shaik was granted medical parole on equally spurious grounds,” he added. 


Steenhuisen said that if its suspicions are confirmed by this record of decision, it will prove once again why the ANC should not be allowed to deploy its cadres to key positions across the state.

In the case of Arthur Fraser, his murky past as Zuma’s compromised spy boss should have disqualified him immediately from his promotion to prisons boss,” he said. 

“It is highly unlikely that this deployment by President Ramaphosa, where he could continue to do the ANC’s bidding, was a coincidence,” he added.