Hillbrow: DA councillor arrest

Image via Twitter: Nogada wePhondo laseGauteng

Hillbrow: DA councillor arrested for Pep store armed robbery

The DA says the culprit “will face the full might of the law” if their man is found guilty of taking part in the armed robbery of a Pep store in Hillbrow.

Hillbrow: DA councillor arrest

Image via Twitter: Nogada wePhondo laseGauteng

The last thing you’d expect from an elected official of any kind is this: It’s understood that a DA councillor located in Hillbrow, Johannesburg has been arrested in connection with an armed robbery that was carried out at a local Pep store this week.

The ANC in the West Rand has issued a statement on the matter, imploring their political rivals to act decisively by dismissing the alleged criminal from his role. Hillbrow itself is a DA-led municipality, and this is hardly the example that any party wants to set for their constituents.

DA councillor in alleged armed robbery

The man was identified as a DA representative when police stormed his home and found party merchandise and an accreditation tag for the recent State of the Province Address (SOPA) in Gauteng. The suspects were also discovered to be in possession of stolen firearms and live ammunition.

John Moodey is a provincial leader for the opposition party in Gauteng. He assured observers and locals that the councillor would be suspended “depending on the outcome of the case“:

“The DA will remove any public representative from office if they are found guilty of wrongdoing, regardless of their position. The councillor will be placed on immediate suspension, pending the outcome of the case. If indeed he committed an offence, he must face the full might of the law as no one is above the law.”

John Moodey

Pep store robbery in Hillbrow – ANC, DA react

Should the accused be found guilty of his crime, it would be hard to envision how he could ever return to the political arena ever again. The ANC has made a lot of noise about this case, and they are pushing for “swift disciplinary action” against the theft-accused.

“The ANC West Rand region is shocked by the arrest of a DA councillor in the municipality following an armed robbery at a Pep store in Hillbrow. We keenly await action from the Democratic Alliance on this matter. While we grapple with high levels of crime, a public representative is now implicated in such a heinous crime.”

“We call for the immediate removal of the culprit because a person charged with such a serious and violent crime. Other suspects in this case are linked to murder, as well as armed robbery. The Democratic Alliance must act swiftly against him.”

ANC West Rand statement
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