DA confirms there won’t be coa

DA confirms there won’t be coalition with EFF in Tshwane and Jozi

The Democratic Alliance’s James Selfe has confirmed that coalition talks between the two parties were unsuccessful, leaving both municipalities in limbo.

DA confirms there won’t be coa

Last week both the EFF and DA were optimistic about a potential coalition which would see the red berets take over the mayoral position in Tshwane and the blues govern Jozi. As much as that would have shown that South Africa’s democracy is maturing; both parties just couldn’t put enough of their differences aside to make it happen.

“The EFF decided it didn’t want to go into coalitions with the DA or the ANC,” Selfe said.

The ANC meanwhile also reportedly said that no agreement had been reached with the EFF, although the ruling party has yet to make its own announcement later today.

Reuters reports that, should both municipalities remain as is, investor confidence will drop as executive decisions would be difficult to make. Despite the EFF cutting off their nose to spite their face, the DA maintains that it should be able to form governments in both districts.

Currently, the breakdown of power looks a little like this:

Nelson Mandela Bay
Seats needed for majority: 61
DA seats: 57 (need 4)
ANC seats: 50 (need 11)
EFF seats: 6
UDM seats: 2
AIC, UFEC, COPE, ACDP, PA seats: 5 (1 each)

Seats needed for majority: 108
DA seats: 93 (need 15)
ANC seats: 89 (need 19)
EFF seats: 25
VF Plus seats: 4
ACDP seats: 1

Seats needed for majority: 136
ANC seats: 121 (need 15)
DA seats: 104 (need 32)
EFF seats: 30
IFP seats: 5
AIC seats: 4
VF Plus, ACDP, ALJAMA, UDM, COPE, PA seats: 6 (1 each)