DA chief Maimane talks Zuma an

DA chief Maimane talks Zuma and Zille – and Twitter can’t get enough

Mmusi Maimane was the latest politician to interrupt our peaceful weekend with a press conference, ranging from Jacob Zuma and the ANC, through to Helen Zille’s remarks.

DA chief Maimane talks Zuma an

Ok, so we said ‘couldn’t get enough’. It’s not 100% true, obvz.

Today specifically, or just in general?

Well if this doesn’t tell him, nothing will.

Consider yourselves chirped.

Shh everyone had forgotten about that!

Yes but they do like a good old march, don’t they.

And this statement was brought to you via the medium of…

Can’t trust anyone these days.


It’s a mess. A mess, we tell ya.

We can’t have women being all emotional now, can we?

Ooofff. Have some of that.

At least Mbalula won’t be in charge of organizing it any more. Might actually happen.

Who needs enemies, eh?

Putting the ‘pro’ into proverb, right there.

Did not have him down as a tennis fan. We’ve all learned something after all.


Haha that’s a good one!

We’ll just end with this as a little, perspective-encouraging thought-provoker.

*gasping face*


Actually, a few people have pointed to this press conference time wasting. Worse than football!