NHI bill solidarity

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The DA calls for parliament to issue public hearings on NHI Bill legislation

The DA has created a petition where citizens can lodge complaints against NHI Bill legislation.

NHI bill solidarity

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) has called on the National Assembly Chairperson, Cedric Frolick to facilitate a public participation process for the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill legislation.

The DA calls on the public to carefully asses the bill

The bill is set to be nationalised and blend into the South African health system, and the DA is set to see every citizen and entity oversees the process before the bill is nationalised. The party further states the NHI Bill has inadequacies which need to be resolved before taking over the health system.

The DA points out the inadequacies of the bill

The DA claims the NHI Bill is not a sustainable funding model, and the role of each province in the implementation is unclear in the proposed health care model. The added tax burden to supplement the bill is an inconvenience for an economy that is performing like ours, states the party.

Furthermore, the role of medical-aid schemes is not defined through the NHI, and citizens will only have an option to rely on the “broken health system,” says DA Shadow Minister of Health, Siviwe Gwarube.

It is reported that National Treasury is not completely on board with the Department of Health, regarding the multi-billion cash injection set to provide the fundamentals of this bill.

“The legislation will see the establishment of various district-level entities, which will bloat the public service further and create bureaucratic blockages in the system. Ultimately it is the people of this country, who will suffer and not receive the health services they desperately need.”

DA Shadow Minister of Health, Siviwe Gwarube

The party suggests Sizani Universal Healthcare system

According to the DA, South Africa needs a system that will reform the unstainable gaps of inequality, and provide a sustainable way forward that provides a fiscally responsible approach. The party has created a petition where citizens can lodge their objections, and the document will be handed to parliament.

“That is why the DA has proposed an alternative to NHI, the Sizani Universal Healthcare system. This approach would rollout universal healthcare within the current budget envelope; invest and improve the public health system so that people are at the centre of any reform.

Implement a subsidy which would afford every South African access, to the very best of both public and private facilities. Retain the current healthcare workers in our public, and private health industries and not establish another state-owned enterprise which will be prone to corruption.”

DA Shadow Minister of Health, Siviwe Gwarube