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Nurses celebrate Nurses Day. Image: Twitter: @GautengHealth

DA adamant NHI will bankrupt the country

The DA says the proposed Bill will put a major strain on the economy. The party has highlighted a lack of a feasibility study post Covid19.

health careworkers

Nurses celebrate Nurses Day. Image: Twitter: @GautengHealth

The Democratic Alliance has condemned Cabinets decision to adopt what it stats are, ‘measures that are needed to recalibrate the health system and accelerate the National Health Insurance system and accelerate its reforms’.

Some of the changes the DA are against is the change of definition of migrant to foreigner, which in turn groups all non-citizens into the box, granting illegal foreigners the same healthcare.

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DA Shadow Minister of Health Michele Clark, added that the proposed Bill will put a major strain on the economy. The party has highlighted a lack of a feasibility post Covid19 pandemic.

The NHI was initially introduced to Parliament in August 2019.

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“The lack of feasibility studies and impact assessments in a post COVID-19 world, where the economy looks vastly different from what it did, is concerning “, says Clark.

“The prevailing economic circumstances, levels of corruption, and the quality of current healthcare must be taken into consideration” added the MP.


Earlier this month, President Cyril Ramaphosa held the 2nd Presidential Health Summit, and in his speech made it clear that amongst other key areas to achieve its NHI vision is to secure funding.

“We need a well-funded health system. Resources need to be pooled to provide access to quality health care for all. Starting with government funding health services that have experienced a massive budget reduction over the past few years “ said Ramaphosa.

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However, the DA says it will not back down despite Cabinets decision and oppose the Bill in the National Council of Provinces.

“Without a financial certificate of approval or budget approval from the Minister of Finance, the Bill cannot even pretend to be valid and constitutional. We will continue to fight against this dangerous bill in the House and National Council of Provinces and have submitted written questions to the Minister of Finance to request a copy of a financial certificate of approval and a full outline of the budget for NHI”, says Clark.


The objective of NHI is to provide access to quality healthcare services to all South Africans, regardless of their socio-economic status or geographical location.

It aims to reduce health disparities between different population groups and regions of the country, and to protect individuals and families from the financial burden of healthcare expenses.

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To ensure every citizen can access quality health services and receive the right diagnosis and treatment at the right time for free at the point of care.