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President Cyril Ramaphosa and Ace Magashule.

Photo: Twitter/Intellectual

Ramaphosa, Magashule to stand before ANC integrity committee – Duarte

Ramaphosa has said he will submit himself before the ANC integrity committee, while Ace has been summoned in a letter earlier this week.

Latest News in South Africa

President Cyril Ramaphosa and Ace Magashule.

Photo: Twitter/Intellectual

African National Congress (ANC) Deputy Secretary-General Jesse Duarte has confirmed that President Cyril Ramaphosa and Secretary-General Ace Magashule will undergo scrutiny before the ruling party’s integrity commission. 

Duarte confirmed that a letter has been received by Magashule ordering him to appear before the committee to face questions regarding comments made about cooperating with any decision made by the National Executive Committee (NEC) about suspending members accused of corruption. 

Ramaphosa, meanwhile, has indicated that he will voluntarily go before the committee to provide his version of events surrounding allegations of corruption during his CR17 campaign. 

Ramaphosa, Magashule both set to state their cases  

Speaking to eNCA on Sunday 30 August, Duarte said that Ramaphosa indicated to the NEC that he is willing to practice what he preaches and stand before the committee. 

“He has made contact with the integrity committee and present himself for a discussion on the CR17 fund. That is all that he said.”

She said that Magashule has indeed received the letter that was widely reported to have been issued on  Friday 28 August. 

“The SG has received a letter from the chairperson of the integrity committee requesting him to come and explain a remark he made in an interview he had relative to him saying that he will not step down if he was accused [of corruption.”

“He will be going – he can’t refuse to go. At a time convenient to both that meeting will take place,” said Duarte.

‘ANC integrity committee has limited powers’ – Duarte 

She went on to say that the integrity committee has limited powers to reprimand corrupt members, but is able to recommend appropriate action after assessing findings. 

“The integrity committee cannot find guilt or innocence, but allows people to come to them when they have been accused of wrongdoing to explain themselves and make recommendations about what steps should be taken,” she said. 

“They themselves do not have the power to expel or suspend,” she said. “The report of the committee is taken to the NEC for discussion and is debated and discussed. Action could then be taken… or not.” 

Duarte said that the denial of the legitimacy of the letter, which had previously been leaked on social media and was quickly refuted by the commission’s chairperson, George Mashamba, was a result of trying to contain the situation. 

“The letter was leaked to the media before the SG actually had a copy in his hands, so I think that there is still a great deal of work to be done and the officials will meet next week.” 

ANC NEC to decide on corruption accusation protocols  

The ANC’s NEC will decide whether all corruption-accused should step aside while investigations into their alleged conduct remain pending. 

This comes after ANC Ekurhuleni region leader Mzwandile Masina staged a lone protest outside the Saint George Hotel in Irene, Pretoria, saying he did not support the president’s letter about corruption within his ranks.

Magashule is alleged to have responded to these reports by saying “I shall not step aside due to allegations of corruption”.

Amongst other things, Magashule is implicated in a suspicious asbestos contract from his time as Free State Premier. His sons were also accused of being part of the ‘COVID corruption’ saga, netting a PPE contract worth millions from the Treasury.