Cut politicians’ salaries to e

Cut politicians’ salaries to employ more people

A Democratic Alliance ward candidate in Vuwani, Limpopo has said the only way to ensure that everyone has a better life is to cut the salaries of politicians earning a lot of money.

Cut politicians’ salaries to e

“Everybody is equal. The salaries of those earning high should be cut a notch so that we increase the salaries of low income groups and create jobs for the unemployed,” ward 14 candidate Mbulayeni Rambau told News24.

“Why should one earn R50 000 while there is another one who has never earned R5? This is how I understand what it means to be equal.”

Rambau said poverty and unemployment were high in his area and believed the only way for government to address the issue was to have stringent policies in place to address the inequalities in salary gaps. He said that should mostly apply to politicians.

“I don’t believe a person should go into politics to become a billionaire. Money and resources should be shared equally and people will start having a better life. If a better life is a Cresida and a six bedroom house, let us all start there,” he said.

‘Nothing has happened’

Sitting in his yard and looking outside to the dusty road, Rambau became emotional when talking about service delivery and a lack of development. He called on residents to be active participants in the area and vote in people that will ensure services are delivered.

“When you ask me this I’m deeply aggrieved and angered because I have been here for 35 years and nothing has happened. It pains me to hear that question, it’s like you are opening up an old wound which I was trying to close. The solution is easy; people must mandate the government through votes,” he said.

The area has been in the spotlight for some months now over the proposed plan to move communities in Vuwani from Makhado into a new municipality that will incorporate Malamulele. In May this year, communities from a cluster of villages surrounding Vuwani in Limpopo went on the rampage following a failed legal attempt to reverse the new demarcation boundaries approved by the Municipal Demarcation Board.

Twenty-four schools were torched and education came to a halt in the area. There is still no schooling for those in Grade 11 and below. But matriculants have been taken to different camps and are expected to start mid-year examinations on Monday. Vuwani residents also threatened to boycott municipal elections.

Rambau added that the people’s anger was understandable as many of them were tired of living in squalor and poverty.

“That’s why there is constant disorder because people are deeply grieved. Their problem is that they are hungry and you can’t govern a hungry stomach. They want to eat now,” he said.