Bheki Cele tavern shooting

Police Minister Bheki Cele. Photograph: Flickr

Watch: Bheki Cele says he loves dancing, explains what he dislikes about alcohol

We just never know what Bheki Cele will say next. This time he’s said “I love dancing and partying” before explaining what he hates about booze.

Bheki Cele tavern shooting

Police Minister Bheki Cele. Photograph: Flickr

South African Police Service (SAPS) minister Bheki Cele has denied he is an alcohol hater. The minister revealed his true views on booze on Sunday.


The hat-wearing police minister shared his views following wide claims that he holds an agenda against those who love drinks as well as alcohol traders in South Africa.

According to many Mzansi drinkers, Bheki Cele is always targeting alcohol as the bad guy in South Africa’s poor battle against COVID-19.

‘People should not misinterpret Cele, alcohol nobumnandi (partying),” Cele told eNCA.

“I love, love the good life. I love dancing. The fact that I don’t drink alcohol does not mean I hate alcohol.”


The 69 year-year-old Umzumbe native then went on to explain what he has a problem with when it comes to the world’s beloved drink: the consequences that follow, especially with those of us who just can’t handle our drinks well.

“What I don’t like about it are the outcomes,” Bheki Cele added. “When people drink and do things that would have not otherwise done if they were sober.”

The minister continued to lay out what he described as a problem that has been proven by facts, which includes murder, road accidents, and gender-based violence.

“The murder around the places of drinking is a concern,” he added. And the abuse and rape of children and women.

“We are encouraging that people must drink in a very social way but don’t swim and bath in alcohol until you don’t remember who your name is.

“So it is a call we are making, especially if it is going to make you abuse women and children. Drinking and happiness goes together with responsibility.”

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