CT husband

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CT husband who drove into group of people fails in bid for freedom

A couple’s argument ended when the businessman rammed his car into a group of people. He was convicted of four counts of attempted murder.

CT husband

Photo: Stock/Canva

A husband who was jailed for driving his car into a group of people standing around a braai has failed in the Cape Town High Court bid for freedom.


According to Timeslive the dismissal of Nathanael Felix’s appeal to the Cape Town high court means he must stay behind bars for four attempted murders that earned him a six-year jail sentence in September 2020.

Felix, 39, was convicted in the Parow regional court over an incident in December 2018 at a braai in Thornton where he began arguing with his wife, Megan.

The report states she eventually refused to leave with him, and he yelled death threats before demolishing a gate with his car, knocking over the braai, and crashing into a parked car.

The trail of injured people in his wake included a man whose eye came out of his socket, a woman with a fractured wrist, a man with a broken tooth and a man who needed hospital treatment for a leg injury.

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“He deliberately drove through the gate because his wife did not want to accompany him,” said Judge Robert Henney in his ruling this week rejecting Felix’s appeal.

“He was upset with [braai host Leslie] Khumalo for telling him that his wife was not his property, and that she did not want to go with him, and it was for that reason that he acted the way he did.

“He could not get his way and for that reason, knowing full well that Khumalo and the other complainants and witnesses were present in the driveway, he deliberately drove through the gate.”

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