COVID-19 vaccinated

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FNB: R18 million lottery for people who get vaccinated for COVID-19

This is a rather special incentive to get a COVID-19 vaccine. FNB has R18 million available to give away to COVID-19 vaccinated customers.

COVID-19 vaccinated

Image: Flickr

Are you vaccinated for COVID-19 and an FNB customer? The bank could bless you from its R18 million incentives, the company confirmed on Thursday 7 October.


The bank has said it will offer R3 million each to lucky customers starting in early November 2021. There will also be two other winning categories of R2m, and R1m.

The highest prize of R3m will be for vaccinated FNB customers. If you are a customer with FNB Life insurance, you stand a chance to cash R2m. An additional R1m will be available for vaccinated seniors (60 years and older).

“Through our life insurance business, we’ve witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of Covid-19 in mortality and retrenchment,” said Lee Bromfield, chief executive of FNB Life.

“While vaccination remains a voluntary choice, we believe vaccination coupled with strict adherence to Covid-19 safety protocols is key to minimising the impact of this pandemic. Overall, we see the vaccination programme as a means to help lower the mortality rate of our customers and encourage our customers to consider getting vaccinated not only for their own health benefits but for the good of the economy and the society at large,” he added.


So how can you give yourself the winning opportunity as an FNB customer that is vaccinated for COVID-19? You just need to hop over to the FNB app.

  • Click on the Wellness Terms and Conditions and set up your health profile to access the Vaccine Status button on the FNB/RMB Private Bank banking app.
  • Through the vaccinee Wellness button, accept that you have been vaccinated and accept the Terms and Conditions to enter the promotional competition.

Customers can begin applications from Thursday 7 October. The first winner will be confirmed in early November.