#CountryDuty: Help needed to i

#CountryDuty: Help needed to identify homeless man and his abuser

#CountryDuty needs your help!

#CountryDuty: Help needed to i

A video of a homeless man in Hatfield, Tshwane, has gone viral.

Not because of his homelessness, but because of his utter vulnerability. A heartless drunkard urinated on the sleeping man.

The incident can be viewed here, but please be warned that the footage is disturbing.

Many in South Africa have indicated their contempt and dismay at this abuse of ‘power’, and utter disregard for human dignity.

We at are trying to find the homeless man, but also to identify his abuser. Some good citizens have pledged to assist in various ways, including trauma counselling for the victim.

Please DM or  with any information that might identify and find either party. Credit to for bringing this to the fore.

Written for thesouthafrican.com by the #CountryDuty team