Ronald Lamola

Lamola said more than 500 parolees reoffended in Q1. Photo: Twitter/@RonaldLamola

Correctional Services officials KILLED while tracing absconded parolee

Two Correctional Services officials were tracing an absconded parolee when they were killed in cold blood on Tuesday morning.

Ronald Lamola

Lamola said more than 500 parolees reoffended in Q1. Photo: Twitter/@RonaldLamola

Two on-duty Correctional Services officials were senselessly killed their firearm stolen as they traced an absconded parolee in the East Rand.

Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola, said the incident happened on Tuesday morning. The officers of the Boksburg Community Correctional Services were killed “in cold blood” at around 07:45 in the Duduza area, Lamola said.


The two officials, named as Mr Faku and Mr Moliki, were tracing a parolee who was on the run. The two seem to randomly have been shot and killed. A State firearm was also stolen from one of the dead officials, Lamola said.

The Minister decried the senseless act of brutality against the two officials.

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“The tremendous sense of loss is magnified by the tragic circumstances under which such a violent assault was unleased against our officials. I wish to send my heartfelt and deepest condolences to the families of the deceased and correctional officials,” said Lamola.

Along with the police, Lamola assured that no stone will be left in finding the killers behind the heinous crime.

“We… will leave no stone unturned in investigating this crime and apprehending those behind the killing of our officials. We want to send a strong message that acts of lawlessness will never be tolerated.”

Ronald Lamola
Correctional Services
Justice Minister Ronald Lamola said his department and police will leave make sure they find those who killed two Correctional Services officials. PHOTO: Twitter/@RonaldLamola

Police are investigating a case of murder.

“The Department of Correctional Services shall not tolerate nor surrender to parolees absconding.”


In 2020, two Correctional Services officials died following a shooting. The two resided at the Medium A married quarters at the Pietermaritzburg Management Area.

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It is alleged that a domestic dispute resulted in a shooting incident, Lamola had said.

A preliminary investigation has revealed that a private firearm was used. Lamola urged officials in the department to seek the necessary assistance from professionals. These are available to officials with challenges they might face whether at the workplace or in their private lives.