Smoke weed

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Watch: Company decides to smoke weed at work for team-building

A company organised a very avant-garde team-building session. The CEO encouraged workers to smoke weed at the workplace.

Smoke weed

Image by Flickr

An American Public Relations company reimagined team-building sessions by rolling joints to smoke weed with co-workers. The company believes marijuana should no longer be taboo in workspaces.


The company, which does PR in the cannabis industry, said team-building activities are a regular feature in its culture and thought why not enjoy some marijuana as a team?

“I think people need to look at this as a different culture now. Cannabis is a part of mainstream culture,” one of the team leaders said.

In a video posted on social media, the footage begins in a small office room where a leader instructs others on how to grind weed and roll a joint (a cannabis cigarette). About eight co-workers sit around the table to create personal joints before smoking weed together outside.

“Part of our company culture is to have team-building activities, and working in the cannabis industry we thought what better way than to learn how to roll joints?” the leader added.

The leader confirmed that many of the employees have experience in rolling and smoking a joint but one junior member revealed it was her very first time doing it.


The company’s CEO, Rossie Mattio, said she would rather prefer employees at Mattio Communications to go out after work to smoke weed together, rather than drinking alcohol and be hungover.

So what is the legal status of cannabis in the USA? 18 states allow recreational use, 13 states have it fully legal, other states only permit medical use while it remains simply illegal in others.

What about South Africa?

Mzansi has a parliament-approved Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill. The bill allows adults to smoke in private homes, grow it, and exchange it with other persons in public but all under specific quantity limits. However, selling weed, smoking it in public or in front of children is strictly illegal.

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