Motsoaledi Diepsloot 12

Aaron Motsoaledi attempts to calm tensions in Diepsloot, 8/4/2022 – Photo: Twitter

‘Community members only’: Motsoaledi EJECTS Zimbabwean from Diepsloot meeting

Minister Aaron Motsoaledi laid down the law on Friday, after he escorted a Zimbabwean male out of a Diepsloot community meeting.

Motsoaledi Diepsloot 12

Aaron Motsoaledi attempts to calm tensions in Diepsloot, 8/4/2022 – Photo: Twitter

Following a fractious week in the Gauteng settlement of Diepsloot, Aaron Motsoaledi made an eventful appearance to address the community on Friday. The Home Affairs minister ended up taking a Zimbabwean man outside with him, before calmly asking the foreign national ‘to leave in peace’.

Aaron Motsoaledi takes on Zimbabwean national in Diepsloot

The extraordinary moment appears to have temporarily defused tensions that have been boiling over for days. Elvis Nyati, a Zimbabwean-born resident of Diepsloot, was set alight and murdered in a mob justice attack on Tuesday night. The group demanded to see his passport, and allegedly killed him for being ‘undocumented’.

With the community on a knife-edge, intervention was desperately needed. A heavy law enforcement presence and the return of Bheki Cele has put locals on high alert, and Aaron Motsoaledi was also given the call.

‘You need to leave’ – minister manages community tensions

It’s understood the Zimbabwean in question entered the hall alongside scores of South African nationals. His presence was noted by those in the crowd, and before things could get properly heated, Motsoaledi escorted him outside. The minister then politely asked the attendee to leave the scene.

  • Notably, The ANC representative also reminded the man that the community is grieving the loss of seven South Africans – who were allegedly killed in Diepsloot by foreign nationals last weekend:

“This is a community meeting of people who stay here only… We ask you to leave because this is a meeting of the community. Now were are unable to continue with the meeting because they are very angry. I’m just asking you to leave peacefully. Tell whoever invited you, that you are at the wrong meeting.”

“You lost a Zimbabwean which is really sad, but this lot have lost seven people. That’s where their anger is, and we have to solve this with the community in a way that is understandable. You need to relax, and leave here.”

Aaron Motsoaledi