Apartheid museum

City power disconnects apartheid museum for 1.8 million in unpaid bills. Image: Facebook

City Power disconnects popular Apartheid Museum in Joburg

City Power has disconnected electricity supply to the Apartheid Museum and other business centres due to millions in outstanding debt.

Apartheid museum

City power disconnects apartheid museum for 1.8 million in unpaid bills. Image: Facebook

On Tuesday, the Apartheid Museum in Kempton Park’s electricity was disconnected by City Power due to outstanding bills. 

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The operation was carried out by Reuven SDC which seeks to recover at least R40 million of debt currently owed by the businesses. The power utility said that several businesses across Johannesburg have unpaid municipal bills, so far amounting to R8.9 billion.

Some of the businesses that were cut off include two companies manufacturing mine equipment that owe a total of R1.3 million.

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The Apartheid Museum was disconnected due to its outstanding electricity bill of R1.8 million.

City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena said that the businesses were given pre-disconnection notices months ago. But still failed to make payment arrangements.

“The objective of this operation is to improve the profitability performance and position of City Power so it’s able to continue to repair and maintain its infrastructure and to provide essential services to the residents of Johannesburg.”

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Some Joburg residents marched to their Power depots last week, demanding their power be restored, after being left in the dark for days on end, as reported by EWN.

The power utility said recurring cable theft and substation vandalism were too costly to keep up with.

Mangena says over the next few days, City Power officials will be accompanied by officials of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) as the operation moves to target more defaulting businesses serviced by the Reuven SDC.

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“It’s important to reinforce the culture of paying for services that customers use in order for the entity to continue with day-to-day operations and to invest in implementing its future energy management strategies,” Mangena said.