City of Ekurhuleni warns about

Image credit: The SA Mag

City of Ekurhuleni warns about fake e-mails doing the rounds

It is believed that the mails were sent in a desperate bid to discredit the City Manager.

City of Ekurhuleni warns about

Image credit: The SA Mag

Fake e-mails are doing the rounds, allegedly sent from the desk of Ekurhuleni City Manager Dr Imogen Mashazi.

The municipality confirmed in a media release dated 31 October that Dr Mashazi “distances herself from these malicious and fake-emails, which certainly were never generated and sent by the city manager.”

“This incident is viewed in a serious light and the City has launched a full scale investigation into the matter in an attempt to identify the source of the e-mail. The matter will be reported to the SAPS so that those responsible can face the full might of the law.”

The e-mails were recently brought to the City’s attention and appear to be sent from Dr Mashazi, requesting a specific company to contact an official with regards to ‘Contract: A-EE 16-2018.’

It is believed that the e-mails were sent in a desperate bid “by faceless people to tarnish the image of the City Manager.”

A bid document with that reference number does exist, issued by the Department of Finance
Tender Office for ‘the appointment of electrical contractors for the electrification projects in City of Ekurhuleni on an as and when required basis from date of award until 30 June 2021.’

The bid notice and invitation was advertised in The Sowetan on 3 August 2018, with the closing date scheduled for 6 September.

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We reached out to City Manager spokesperson Zweli Dlamini, who said that the document exists, but the sender of the fake e-mails may have fraudulently used the reference number. He confirmed that the investigation is underway and all possibilities will be explored.

A copy of the fake e-mails could not be obtained at the time of writing.

This follows just two months after the Mayor warned about a scam targeting entrepreneurs, who were offered an alleged partnership with the municipality “to partake in an event at a fee,” the Bedford News reported at the time. Clr Mzwandile Masina’s office said in a statement:

“The city is fully committed to transparency on any information related to business and procurement. Such information is free and available to the public.  The city has embarked on programmes and roadshows such as NTIRHISANO, partnering with SEDA and the Gauteng Provincial Government, to raise awareness about opportunities in the city. All these activities are done at no cost to the public. Entrepreneurship is highly encouraged and supported by the city and any organisation which seeks to exploit aspirant entrepreneurs will be exposed.”

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