City Life Durban baby


WATCH: Baby saved from burning City Life building in Durban

A heroic act saw a small baby’s life spared from a burning City Life building in Durban as riots, looting and sporadic protests intensify.

City Life Durban baby


A small baby was saved from a burning building in Durban. The City Life Pearl Towers in the corner of Anton Lembede (previously known as Smith Street) and Joe Slovo (previously known as Field Street) was allegedly set on fire with people trapped inside.

In several videos shared on social media show women and children escaping through small exits in the middle of the building. Some are reportedly still trapped inside as the SAPS and fire fighters are still in the process of rescuing.


Thami Khuzwayo, one of the people who managed to escape said it’s all thanks to SAPS and fire fighters.

“Myself and nine other people managed to escape in City Life, I thank God, the police and fire fighters that I am alive.”

It is not yet clear what the caused the fire but it is believed to be related to the ongoing riots and protests in Durban.

The eThekwini Fire Department could not be reached for a comment at the time of publication. This is a developing story and more information will be added.


The SANDF was deployed to KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and Gauteng to help quell the ongoing riots.

In several parts of the country key infrastructure like national roads have been affected, slowing down the transportation of goods and services that keep our economy running. Property has been destroyed. Cars have been stoned. People have been intimidated and threatened, and some have even been hurt.

An Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police officer (EMPD) has died and another hospitalised after being shot during a looting spree in Katlehong on Monday.

President Cyril Ramaphosa told South Africans ‘the army will be sent in’ to quell the violent riots that have gripped both KZN and Gauteng, in the aftermath of Jacob Zuma’s incarceration.

“The SANDF deployment will take place this week, and it is hoped that our collection of soldiers can help restore law and order to each region.”

He warned the nation that ‘food and medicine shortages’ could be caused by these riots.

Ramaphosa slammed those who ‘instigated chaos’.