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Image via Twitter: @DDMabuza

Christmas message from David Mabuza: ‘We cannot afford to be complacent’ about COVID-19

“Ours is a resilient nation that has over the years, withstood all manner of storms and vicissitudes thrown in its way.”

david mabuza ANC

Image via Twitter: @DDMabuza

Deputy President David Mabuza’s Christmas message calls on South Africans to be responsible during the festive period, to adhere to the COVID-19 safety measures in place, and refrain from complacency.

This follows after South Africa recorded 14 046 new cases on Wednesday, 23 December 2020, which pushed the country’s death toll over the 25 000-mark.

David Mabuza’s Christmas message

Don’t be ‘complacent about COVID-19’

The deputy president acknowledged that the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic “has brought about hardship, disruptions and pain in our lives”, and that lockdown shattered the economy.

“The global economy has taken a serious knock due to lockdowns and a restricted trade environment. Here at home, the economic challenges have deepened, resulting in the disruption of business activities and job losses”.

Despite significant progress being made to curb the spread of the virus, South Africa currently finds itself in a second wave as the infection rate continues to rise and “demand our collective commitment to COVID-19 protocols”.

“We cannot afford to be complacent and let our guard down during this difficult period in our lives”.

Christmas: A ‘season of hope’

He calls on South Africans to enjoy Christmas with family and friends, but to “at all times adhere to COVID-19 regulations and protocols to ensure each one of us takes responsibility to prevent further spread of this disease”.

That said, Mabuza urges South Africans to see Christmas as “a new season of hope”, reminding us that South Africa will rise again and “set itself on the path of recovery”. He adds:

“Ours is a resilient nation that has over the years, withstood all manner of storms and vicissitudes thrown in its way. We are a nation that has emerged from a divided and painful past, but emerged stronger, united and triumphant in the face of adversity”.  

Resilience of frontline workers

Mabuza also thanked frontline workers in key sectors for their “patriotic spirit of commitment, resilience and personal sacrifice”. He reminds us that frontline workers have “put their lives in harms’ way in order to save lives”.

Some have not been able to continue the battle and have “paid the ultimate sacrifice in service of our nation”. He calls on South Africans to “salute all frontline workers for their bravery, compassion and national duty”.

“We salute each and everyone who lost their lives in the line of duty.  As ordinary citizens, we must play our part in preventing the spread of Covid-19 infections”.

Unite against gender-based violence

 He adds that we must, as a nation, “deepen social solidarity [and] hold each other’s hands and promote love, generosity and compassion during this festive season”. We will defeat the pandemic if we “fight together”.

He calls on everyone to promote “peace and safety within our living environments” over the Christmas period, and to work “in partnership with law enforcement agencies to combat gender-based violence and femicide”.

“Our houses, our streets and neighbourhoods must be safe for every child, every woman, person with disability, and every elderly person. Christmas must epitomise freedom from fear, anger, abuse and murder”.

Christmas is about the “expression of love and compassion”. Lastly, Mabuza wishes that the spirit and celebration of Christmas “be the solid rock on which we continue to build a united, democratic, non-sexist and prosperous society”.