KZN false rape

Photo: SAPS

Rape files LATEST: Step-father sent to jail for life for rape

The 50-year old man was found guilty of the rape of his ten year old step-daughter who he assaulted while everyone was fast asleep at home.

KZN false rape

Photo: SAPS

A 50 year old man has been sentenced to life in jail after he was found guilty of the rape of his 10 year old step-daughter.

National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Natasha Kara said that the man was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Pongola Regional Court for the rape of his 10-year-old stepdaughter in March 2019 in the Ngome area near Vryheid.

“The man was in a relationship with the victim’s mother and he would often visit her. The victim lived with her mother and siblings and whenever he visited them,” Kara said.

Kara said he would usually leave their home by the evening. 

“On the day of the incident, he visited their home and he and the victim’s mother drank alcohol. He stayed over that night and raped the victim at some point when everyone was asleep,” Kara said.

“The following morning, the victim informed her mother about the incident and they reported it to the police station. The man was subsequently arrested. However, he maintained his innocence,” Kara said.

During the rape trial, Regional Court Prosecutor, Nomsa Precious Nkosi led the testimonies of the victim and her mother. Nkosi also led the medical evidence of the medical doctor.

“The victim, in her evidence, said that the offence had affected her and she can no longer concentrate at school. She was also scared of men and felt that she will never be able to trust another man,” Kara said.

“She also said that she would try her best at school so that she can become a teacher and be able to teach children how to protect themselves.”

The NPA welcomed the successful prosecution and sentencing for the rape.

South Africa has a high rate of gender based crimes, including assault and the rape of minor victims. The courts have been clamping down firmly by handing down stiff punishment to perpetrators.