cheetah killed kruger national park

Photo: Pixabay

Arrest made after cheetah killed by motorist at Kruger National Park

A cheetah has been killed and a motorist arrested, after being hit by a speeding driver in the Kruger National Park.

cheetah killed kruger national park

Photo: Pixabay

The Cheetah is not only the world’s fastest animal, it’s also the most endangered big cat in Africa. Sadly, the Kruger National Park now has one less wild cat, after a cheetah was killed by a speeding motorist over the weekend.

Cheetah killed: SANParks furious over speeding Kruger National Park driver

South African National Parks released a statement on Sunday, once again urging visitors to follow the speed limits when traveling through their parks.

According to SANParks, a driver was arrested in the Kruger National Park last night, near the Punda Maria area.

The driver was found by rangers at the scene of the accident, before being handed over to the police, where a case was opened.
The case relates to the cheetah’s status as an endangered species.

While the majority of dangerous drivers are unable to be identified in situations like these, SANParks rangers noticed the damage on the suspects vehicle.
The rangers were driving past the scene, where they eventually discovered the cheetah carcass.

Speed limits in the Kruger Park are no higher than 50km/h on tarred roads.

This particular cheetah that was killed, is reportedly one of two brothers who were known as an eye-catching attraction at Punda Maria.

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Cheetahs: Built for speed, not durability

They’re not known for their strength, but cheetahs are purpose-built for speed.
The cheetah is capable of reaching speeds faster than 110 kilometers per hour. Allin in just over three seconds!
A cheetah’s unique body structure of a flexible spine, semi-retractable claws and long legs, are great for speed.

Unfortunately, this slim structure doesn’t do it any favors when coming under attack.