Zimbabwe's President extends voting amid delays

President ED Mnangagwa. Image via Instagram @presidentmnangagwa

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After months of waiting, the President of Zimbabwe, Emerson Mnangagwa, finally announced the 2023 general election date.

Zimbabwe's President extends voting amid delays

President ED Mnangagwa. Image via Instagram @presidentmnangagwa

The President of Zimbabwe, Emerson Mnangagwa, has finally announced the 2023 general election date.

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Many Zimbabweans and the international community had been waiting for the election date, but it seemed delayed.

The cry for an election date continued, and the president has set the 2023 general elections on 23 August 2023.

Zimbabwean elections draw so much attention, given the credibility issues always associated with them.

The runoff announcement is also set on 2 October 2023 if need be.

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Sharing on his Twitter, Nick Mangwana, the permanent secretary for the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, said:

“ELECTION DATES PROCLAIMED His Excellency the President has proclaimed the 23rd of August as the Harmonised Election Date. Nomination Court will sit on the 21st of June 2023. In the case of a Run-off – 2 October 2023.”

Zimbabwe 2023 election date
President ED Mnangagwa. Image via Instagram @presidentmnangagwa


The last general election was held in 2018, almost a year after a coup that saw Robert Mugabe’s long reign ending.

President ED Mnangagwa took over the presidency, and Zimbabweans imagined a better economy.

Things did not end as expected, with prices of essential commodities rising even more than during the Mugabe times.

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When the 2018 elections came, it was a close contest with the prominent opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

The opposition made claims of rigging by the ruling party, and the country never recovered economically to this date.

Many Zimbabweans hope they will have a better economy after the 2023 general elections as campaigns are set to start.


Even before the 2023 general election date was announced, several opposition parties complained of unfair ground.

The voters’ roll is at the centre of complaints with its variances.

They have also reported issues of vote buying and violence against their members.

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With this happening, the Zimbabwean president ED Mnangagwa is promising a free, fair and credible election in 2023.

After the announcement, many Zimbabweans gave their views and below are a few of them.

“Free and fair elections means that everyone can now peacefully and freely campaign with the main mandate of the police being to safeguard the right of the citizen to peacefully campaign for their party of choice not harassing others …”

“No Run-off, 5 Million votes for ED, ED PFEEE its walkover”

“The end is near for you Buddy, start packing 🥹🥹”