petrol price for october

Yep, it’s the petrol pump stock photo of doom again… (Pixabay)

Petrol prices: The 10 most expensive and cheapest cities in the world

With petrol prices reportedly rising to R17 per litre next month, we’re looking at those who’ve got it worse and those who live in a fuel-topia.

petrol price for october

Yep, it’s the petrol pump stock photo of doom again… (Pixabay)

That’s it. It’s officially time to cycle to work. Or work from home. Or even find out how much a horse and carriage is these days. Petrol prices are still rising in South Africa, but it’s not just us with fuel fears.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most expensive places to fill up. But, because we’re not all about the doom and gloom, we’ve also got a top 10 for the cheapest countries too.

The price of crude oil is rising, as production has decreased in 2018. Plenty of other countries are feeling the pinch. In fact, there’s one city on our list that’s twice as expensive as SA.

Petrol prices in South Africa

First of all, this is how things look in Mzansi. The majority of the country faces petrol prices of over R16 per litre. According to recent reports, there could be a colossal jump in October, up to R17 a litre.

The fuel hikes could have been more than just five cents in September, but the government jumped in to subsidise the increases. However, it’s not had the long-term impact they were hoping for.


When you look at how we started the year, we were comfortable in the belt of the R13 – R14 range. Six successive increases from April onwards hit South Africa hard and came into effect once the VAT had been raised, slapping motorists with a double-whammy.


Petrol prices: Most expensive cities in the world

(Based on price per litre in South African Rand.)

1. Hong Kong City, Hong Kong – R31.83.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland – R29.92.

3. Amsterday – R29.58.

4. Turin, Italy – R29.39.

5. Oslo, Norway – R29.00.

6. Monaco, French Principality – R28.53.

7. Athens, Grece – R28.31.

8. Paris, France –  R27.41.

9. Lisbon, Portugal –  R27.29.

10. Stuttgart, Germany – R27.13.

Europe takes a battering on this one, we’re afraid. Nine of the 10 most expensive cities to fill up are based on the continent, only outdone by the extortionate prices in Hong Kong.

Why is fuel so expensive in Hong Kong? Well, fuel is taxed heavily by the authorities to discourage the use of cars in favour of public transport. The value fluctuates from time to time, but Hong Kong is never far away from this unwanted crown.

Petrol prices: Cheapest cities in the world

1. Caracas, Venezuela – R0.13.

2. Tehran, Iran – R4.27.

3. Kuwait City, Kuwait – R5.19.

4. Quito, Ecuador – R5.85.

5. Abuja, Nigeria – R6.14.

6. Cairo, Egypt – R6.48.

7. Manama, Bahrain – R7.94.

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – R7.95.

9. La Paz, Bolivia – R8.10.

10. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – R8.14.

For these locations, it’s all about what the country sits on top of. Each city belongs to a state which is rich in oil reserves. In Venezuela, socialist policies have kept prices to a minimum. Other oil-rich states like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait don’t have to worry about import costs or supply issues.

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