Chaos in parliament: The EFF i

Chaos in parliament: The EFF is forcibly removed and the DA leaves on account of constitutional offences during SONA2015

Cellphone signals blocked and an alleged police presence inside parliament… just some of the scenes from what has become the most chaotic parliamentary sitting yet.

Chaos in parliament: The EFF i

The State of the Nation Address had hardly begun, when the EFF asked that question: When will the president pay back the money? What follows is less than pleasant.

Men in white shirts, wielding firearms, storm the National Assembly — a violation of the South African Constitution — surrounding the EFF members and forcibly removing them.

Now wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before that, there was the issue of #BringBackTheSignal. All cellphone reception inside parliament had somehow been blocked, yet another violation of the Constitution. 

Having had too much, the DA’s parliamentary head, Mmusi Maimane called a point of order… were those policement and if so, that should be addressed — so to speak –?  Alas, the DA’s lawful behaviour fell on deaf ears… so as one, they left.

Zuma, unphased, continued to deliver his speech to a National Assembly… or mostly an ANC conference.