Chaos at IEC’s Joburg result c

Chaos at IEC’s Joburg result centre with presiding officers complaining about long hours

There was a small protest at the IEC results centre on Thursday morning.

Chaos at IEC’s Joburg result c

If you’re waiting around for the election results, think about the poor people who to work through the night to make sure everything is in order. A number of  presiding officers at the IEC’s Results Centre in Johannesburg staged a small protest on Thursday.

They grew impatient at waiting for hours to have results verified and said they did not sign up for this. Some dropped results on the floor, others left without having the results verified.

ENCA reports:

Presiding officer Brenda Zulu said the long hours they has been working and the need to come to Auckland Park had not been part of their contract.

“It’s been quite frustrating. Because first of all I signed a contract with IEC to initially work for them for three days. But according to the situation right now, I ended up doing four days in my contract,” said Zulu.

“That is not what I signed up for. So in overall this is a bit upsetting, and I don’t see myself working for the IEC ever again.”