Chaos at Cape Town train stati

Chaos at Cape Town train station as riots break out, train set alight [video]

Absolute mayhem.

Chaos at Cape Town train stati

Cape Town train station was plunged into chaos on Monday night. Commuters completely lost their shit after hours and hours of delays at Cape Town station.

According to IOL, the frustration started to build from late afternoon as rush hour started to approach. A commuter told IOL that there was no warning that there would be such massive delays, just an announcement that trains were delayed by “between two and three hours”.

Then, at 17:00, Metrorail said no trains would travel on the Cape Flats line.

Shit got pretty intense.

Andy Martheze shared the picture you can see in the cover. As well as this image of barriers being smashed.

Videos of the chaos were all over social media. A train was set alight as commuters grew more and more frustrated.

Look, we’re not sure that this was entirely the right reaction, but anyone who has ever had to deal with Metrorail’s shit will understand that there comes a time where you just can’t even anymore.

This all meant that the queues for people to get home on taxis were much longer than usual.

Seriously. Cape Town keeps going on about how it’s a world class city but it can’t even get its trains running properly.

A functional public transport system that serves everyone can make such a big difference to people’s lives. How has Cape Town not sorted out its rail system?

The anger and frustration then descended into looting and destruction of property.