Centurion church shooting

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Centurion: Churchgoer turns tables on robbers, shoots two suspects dead

Worshippers in Centurion were left shell-shocked when a gang of armed robbers stormed their church – but the situation soon flipped on its head.

Centurion church shooting

Photo: Unsplash

A group of armed robbers who targeted a church in Centurion, Gauteng paid the ultimate price for their botched operation. Two of the would-be criminals were shot dead, while a third member of the group was able to escape despite also suffering gunshot wounds on Sunday afternoon.

No worshippers killed, despite bloody Sunday service

The shocking turn of events took place at a venue on Escort Street. It’s understood that the gang initially tried to hold the churchgoers hostage, but one of the congregants was also in possession of a gun.

Choosing an opportune moment, the civilian put his faith in his weaponry and administered several fatal shots. JP le Roux is a spokesperson for the first responders on the scene, Monitor Net. According to him, paramedics were unable to revive either of the robbers, pronouncing them dead at the scene.

Centurion church shooting: Congregant fires back against robbers

The local pastor had also been struck to the head, but it’s believed that he is now receiving medical attention. One firearm has been recovered from the church, and police are still carrying out their investigations.

“The men proceeded to hold the congregants inside at gunpoint. One of the congregants, who was also armed, proceeded to shoot at the men. Two of the men were killed while the third was injured. 
“The injured man fled the scene in a white vehicle of unknown make. Paramedics tried to resuscitate one of the men but were unable to save him. The pastor sustained an injury from being hit in his head. None of the congregants were injured.” 

 Monitor Net spokesperson JP le Roux on the Centurion church shooting