Celebrate South Africa’s great

Celebrate South Africa’s greatest icons this Festive Season

The archetypal 21 ICONS project is now available as a prized collectable coffee table book ‒ ‘Together we are better’ ‒ an opus of powerful portraits of South African icons that chronicles their lives and legacies in a beautiful print offering that reflects our country, its tapestry and, above all, its people.

Celebrate South Africa’s great

It took three years to complete the collection and the instant classic that celebrates the lives, achievements and extraordinary contribution of some of South Africa’s greatest citizens by showcasing their individual stories and unique portraits.

Published by Quivertree, the glossy-paged hardback offers exclusive access to the remarkable figureheads featured in the first season of the 21 ICONS series; including Phillip Tobias and Nadine Gordimer before their passing. See FW de Klerk in the lotus position, Desmond Tutu in a tutu, and Nelson Mandela’s last official photographic portrait.

In a generous and beautifully written forward, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu says:

“Inspired by Madiba’s great legacy, photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn, together with creative director Harriet Pratten, established the 21 ICONS project when visiting South Africa from Australia. Today, they too call our glorious country ‘home’. Like many global friends of our nation, they have joined hands with us in an extraordinary commitment to supporting the journey of building South Africa. Through his special lens, Adrian captures not only the wonderful faces of men and women who inspire others, but also the essence of Ubuntu latent in the spirits, smiles and efforts of these people.”

Steirn’s pictures display an intimate exchange of energy between a photographer and his subjects and ensure that the legacy of these iconic South Africans is preserved for future generations and not confined to memory or history books.

The exquisite volume has a profoundly global message that celebrates the innate goodness in humanity as embodied by these icons whom make South Africa great.

“Our hope was to capture, in a holistic and immersive manner, the lives of the people it features … to ensure that the charm, humility and sincerity of South Africa’s most remarkable people came through,” Pratten writes in the introduction to the 21 ICONS book.

“By making accessible the personal stories of those whose work has improved the lives of many, the goal was to show the way forward for a new generation of socially conscious and active citizens.”

This intriguing visual narrative can be purchased from Kahalari.com and is sure to be a much treasured gift for friends and family, both locally and across the globe.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, go forth and do good!