Photo: Facebook / C-3 Community Crime Operative

Cash-in-transit overkill: One of the robbers was MMA fighter

Khuboni’s buzzing career in MMA was not enough to keep him out of trouble.


Photo: Facebook / C-3 Community Crime Operative

More details have emerged about one of the suspects that was shot and killed by a cash-in-transit security guard outside the Bridge City Mall, in KwaMashu, Durban.

Warning: Images contain graphic content. Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised.

Cash-in-transit heist: What’s the latest?

On Monday, two of the seven armed robbers that attempted to pull off a cash-in-transit heist were shot and killed by an alert security guard.

The aftermath of the shootout was caught on camera by onlookers. In the footage that we recently shared, the guard could be seen kicking and shooting at the dead bodies of the two robbers in what can only be described as an act of overkill.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel Brenda Muridili confirmed, in a statement, that one of the guards had, during the shootout, sustained gunshot wounds and is currently recovering in a Durban hospital.

What we know about one of the robbers

According to a well-renowned Facebook page, C-3 Community Crime Operative, one of the two robbers was allegedly an international Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter known by many as Sboh Ceeh Khuboni, aka The Destroyer.

Further reports from the Daily News indicated that sources within the KwaMashu district’s police confirmed this information. A glance over Khuboni’s Facebook profile showed a man whose career in MMA fighting was on the ascendancy.

However, back home, it seems that he had not been able to shake off his old habits, as it can be seen in one of these images shared by C-3 Community Crime Operative, showing Khuboni seated on the passenger side of a car with bundles of cash on his lap.

Furthermore, it is believed that Khuboni was allegedly involved in a hijacking incident that took place seven years ago, in Sydenham, Durban, where a man named Shaber Asmal was murdered at the parking lot of a mosque on Sparks Road.

At this time, police have revealed that no arrests have been made and that they are currently looking for five suspects that managed to escape the shootout in a minibus taxi.