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Carte Blanche: Here’s whats on tonight

A wealth of information is what you will gain from this week’s episode of Carte Blanche.

carte blanche

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The unmatched investigative journalism on Carte Blanche is priceless for those of us who have a vested interest in the current affairs that affect all South Africans.

Perfectly placed on a Sunday, the day of rest and also the unofficial international day of the tea spillers, this is what to expect on Carte Blanche this evening.

Coming up on Carte Blanche, Sunday 11 November:

The rise of lean abuse in South Africa

It has not reached pandemic heights as yet but it is increasingly becoming a problem for many South African families. The excessive use of codeine-based beverages has plagued the youth of South Africa, thanks to the growing influence of the Hip-Hop genre.

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Known colloquially as lean, the beverage is a mixture of cough syrup with a high volume of codeine and Sprite and sweets.

Musicians like Emtee and international megastars like Lil Wayne have always been glorified for their alleged use of lean. The drug has made its way into South African schools, with teenagers using it as a quick and affordable high.

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Devi Sankaree Govender will take a deep dive to find out who the sellers of this unregulated mixture are.

Medical breakthrough in treatment of burn injuries

Our healthcare system is in shambles, that is a no-brainer. With fires breaking out in informal settlements, harming thousands of people, there is only so much strain our public hospitals can take at a time.

It seems though that there might be a solution to the problem. There is a new procedure that may help treat many more victims who have suffered burn injuries and increase efficiency in provinces like Kwa-Zulu Natal where for every 1 000 victims that suffer serious burn injuries, the hospitals can only accommodate a few hundred per month.

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On tonight’s show, Carte Blanche will take a closer look at the new medical treatment that sprays skin cells and platelet-rich plasma onto burn injuries.

The future of e-tolls

Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, after his mid-term budget speech, left motorists — and surprisingly — Gauteng’s ANC leadership up in arms over the issue of tolling fees.

Mboweni charismatically urged South Africans to embrace the user-pay principle for the betterment of governance. However, not even his cadres were moved by the reality that e-tolls were here to stay.

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On tonight’s show, Carte Blanche will look into the lives of those who have been hit with court summons over the failure to pay their e-toll accounts.

Ponzi scheme investigation after Ermelo collapse

It happens every single day, on every corner of this earth. People who are desperately trying to achieve their dream of attaining wealth the easiest way possible are the prime targets of Ponzi scheme businesses.

On Carte Blanche tonight, Macfarlane Moleli will look into why Ermelo, in Mpumalanga, collapsed with the investments of thousands of hopefuls who invested in a scheme.

Carte Blanche airs on Sunday at 19:00 on M-Net, DStv channel 101, and again at 20:00 on M-Net Plus 1 channel 901. Some inserts are also made available online.