Car guard of 18 years says if

Photo: Ihsaan Haffejee

Car guard of 18 years says if he keeps voting ANC he ‘ will get a job soon’

The Local Government Elections are just around the corner and political parties have ramped-up their campaigning in one last push for victory on August 3.

Car guard of 18 years says if

Photo: Ihsaan Haffejee

News24 spoke to some car guards in Port Shepstone to find out what they’re looking for in a political party and the general idea is the same.

“I want a new leader in the ANC. The party is not delivering. There is a lot of corruption. In my area we need tarred roads, water and electricity that do not go off all the time,” said Sontsele Zolisa.

He added that he would vote ANC if the party changed its leadership and found its soul again.

 “They must just remember the people who fought for us. They must also remember who we are as voters. We want them in. But they must help us.”

Another car guard, Letitia Barnard, said all she wants is an end to crime.

“Here we have many people who work together but vote differently. I am voting for the DA, but that is because they are keeping their promises,” Barnard said.

Many of those interviewed believe that the ANC is, in fact, doing a good job, despite some lingering challenges.

 “Obviously I am voting for the ANC, I like my ANC. I am doing car guarding for 18 years and am waiting for my job. I know it is coming soon,” said Qondile Bangani, adding that there are some infrastructural challenges in his area.

30 year-old Kosi Cele had no complaints about the ruling party.

“They give us toilets, they give us homes. They do a lot for the people. It is right to vote for them.”  

It’s easy to say so and so aren’t delivering or their competition is, but at the end of the day this is a local government election and folks will vote for the basics; water, electricity, sewage, roads. It’s not national, it’s personal.