Capitec naked woman

Image: Flickr

Capitec naked woman: Police confirm arresting the 41-year-old lady

Strand police have confirmed the arrest of the angry naked woman who violently demolished a Capitec bank branch.

Capitec naked woman

Image: Flickr

The enraged naked woman who bulldozed a Capitec branch on Wednesday has been arrested, Strand police confirmed on Thursday 4 November.


As The South African reported on Wednesday, the woman was seen completely bare as she attacked the bank branch’s interior as customers and bank staff frightfully left the scene.

The lady went into a consultant’s service booth where she grabbed electronic equipment that she smashed to the ground. The consultant, keeping his utmost cool, got up to walk away while talking on his mobile phone.


Meanwhile, the South African Police Service (SAPS) has confirmed nabbing the attacker. According to SAPS spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk the woman, aged 41, found herself in police custody on Thursday.

She will appear in the Strand magistrate’s court once charged. Van Wyk said the suspect is facing malicious damage to property charge.

The giant retail bank had only commented to say: “Hi there, we at Capitec are as perplexed by this matter which happened at the Strand branch, as everyone else. We are trying to get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile, the financial institution has confirmed it is offering counseling services to its traumatised staff following the naked woman attack at Capitec.